Home Decorating Ideas – Elements Of Country Style

By | June 11, 2017

What do you enjoy most about Country Home Decorating? For some the fondest memories are the casual, colorful, nic-nac haven of the 1980′s…I remember that time, do you? Other country home decorating ideas of the past included painted wood plaques on the walls, pine furniture with cut out hearts, wreaths made of natural materials, ruffles, braided area rugs, bunnies and duckies (with clothes on) in the front yard…it was and still can be, a comfortable, cozy and homey type of decor. In my 1980′s neighborhood it was THE decorating look!

Twenty five years later, Country home decor is still a comfortable and sought after look, although some of the elements have undergone a 21st century transformation. In this fresher, updated look, the wall plaques and ruffled plaids may no longer be present, but the overall look is still casual, informal and inviting.

Antique pieces, distressed wood (from age or intentional) of pine, oak and maple are staples of country home case goods. There are many great sources of new, well constructed furniture that provide a timeworn appearance – a big plus! If your style preference is more sophisticated upscale county, you’ll most likely select new pieces which will have a light wood finish and a slightly more traditional look as opposed to a Colonial style turned leg, for example.

The cute ginghams and red,blue and green plaids are gone. Textile choices should remain organic, informal and durable, but the pattern and color schemes may vary, depending on homeowner taste. Select your color scheme early on in the project, determining the two or three colors that will make up your palette, and add one or two accent colors. Then stick with the plan to ensure that your space retains that ‘put together’ look.

As with any home decorating project, Country Home Decorating requires thoughtful planning with regard to the budget, color scheme and coordination of the furniture, accessories and room layout. And please remember that country decor doesn’t mean cluttered and disorganized.

Collectables such as candles, baskets, porcelain figures, small antiques, baskets or whatever your passion is, can be displayed in a way that showcases them rather than disappearing into the background. How? Display your pieces in groupings of five or less, varying the size and shape of each piece and thus creating an interesting vignette. Whatever you decide to use as an accent in your country style home, make sure it is something that you love and enjoy having around every day, and that will be your secret to success.

Country style decorating is practical, so look for ways to make your pieces multi-task, or give them a new function. For example, if you have found the most perfect hand-woven basket to add to your home’s country decor, use it for storage as well. The antique nightstand that you picked up at the flea market may have a place in the guest bathroom as a small storage unit.

Whether your unique interpretation of country style decorating is rustic, casual and primitive, or updated, fresh and simple…decorate from the heart with pieces you love and you will be pleased with the result.