How To Use Accessories For That Warm Western Home Decorating Look

By | March 11, 2017

Accessories are to your interior design theme what jewelry is to an outfit, and your Western home decorating theme is no exception. In keeping with the look of a western ranch, you want to choose ruggid and outdoorsy items which provide a rustic, natural charm. When shopping to compliment your Western theme, you should use decorative items such as pillows, artwork and knick knacks.

Wall art is a fabulous way to add interest to your walls, regardless many individuals don’t know the correct way to hang them. You would like the center of the print to be at eye level. When decorating with multiple items in a group, it’s a terrific idea to put a finger on the configuration first by placing them on the floor and rearranging them until you come up with that perfect look. To add zip to your Western home decorating theme, try displaying branding irons, ox yokes and horse related art around the room.

Look at adding posters of old western movies, branding irons, or animal skins for more of a feeling of a western ranch. You want to make sure the accessories you decide on do offer a coordinating theme or color as well as work with the decorating scheme. If you choose decorative pieces to widely, then you may end up diluting the interior design style you are endeavoring to develop.

No matter what your decorating scheme is, you can add a bit of personality to your room style with knick knacks. To compliment your Western decorating, stick with accessories that have a ruggid and outdoorsy feeling. You might try horse figurines in a display on a shelf or placing native pottery on side tables. Using knick knacks which compliment your personality will add a bit of your own individuality to the room. Look at shopping at thrift stores or yard sales for those different items that won’t break your budget.

Decorative pillows are another accessory you could decorate with to spark up your decorating theme. If you were under the impression that pillows were just for the bedroom, think again, they can instill a pleasing touch to any room including the bathroom, dining room, living room and kitchen. Putting decorative pillows piled at the headboard of your bed can give your room a great professional allure. In the kitchen or bathroom, a decorative pillow put strategically on a hamper or chair serves to provide a whimsical touch. Pillows on your chair or couch may help insert the Western decorating feel to the furniture. To best compliment your interior design, stick to pillows that are thick material.

Adding animal hides and antler furniture to your Western home decorating theme will in effect help the room have a unique touch. Before you go shopping, it’s a fantastic idea to figure out the styles, and types of pieces you need so that you don’t buy items that won’t fit. Size matters, so go around the room and decide on the size of accessories and wall art you are looking for and select them accordingly. If you decorate with these rules, you’ll be able to decorate your room design with pieces that work appealingly together.